Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sketches sketches sketches

So, I have given up sketching on the computer... just 'cause I think I draw better traditionally... I don't really know what's the next step after sketching... I was thinking of inking but I always get nervous and end up having wobbly contours... or I was thinking of just rendering it completely in pencil then coloring it in photoshop but these are all due tomorrow... then there's just coloring it as is and modifying it here and there... but I'm tired of drawing half ass...

I guess option #2 + not sleeping + coffee...


  1. You know, Mad, I used to be nervous about inking, until I stopped worrying about it and just tried it. It helps to make several copies of your pencils and try different methods out.

    To be honest, I'm not entirely happy with how my inks come out some of the time. There are some qualities I like about the end result, and there are some things I wish were there. I study Nathan Fox, Sean Philips, Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, Milton Caniff, Mitch Breitweiser and a few others for motivation and inspiration. At least, just for inks.

  2. I actually like the end result of the spots Mad. It makes it very distinct and the textures on the skin.

    I say keep exploring.